Mick Fabar Constructions and Energy Efficient Homes

Mick Fabar Constructions was established in 2001 in Orange, NSW and within a short span of 4 years had carved out a niche as one of the top construction companies in the region. In fact, in 2005, the company was conferred the excellence award for a redevelopment project by the Master Builder Association. Few, building companies have ever reached such heights in so short a time.


However, things did not last as expected. A mining boom in Orange in 2005 saw large scale allotment of building work and soon builders from every corner of Australia converged on this town to bid for them. They offered rates that could only mean compromising on the quality of construction. Mick Fabar refused to get drawn into this scheme of things resulting in his flourishing business taking a financial hit.

In 2006, Mick established Green Homes, Australia which opened up hitherto untapped vistas in the Australian construction scenario. His company focussed solely on building energy efficient homes that needed lower levels of electricity consumption than conventional homes. This was achieved by Mick through exclusive and path breaking technologies in his building plans. It included extensive use of solar energy, passive heating and cooling solutions and rain water harvesting and recycling systems.

In 2008, he built two energy efficient homes in Orange to showcase his concept and invited other builders to share his knowledge and expertise through a franchise model. About 20 builders participated and through them thousands of Australian homeowners got the benefit from Mick Fabar unique perception on energy efficient homes.

It was but natural that he was given many awards for his contribution in this field. It included the prestigious Green Smart Builder of the Year, National Home of the Year, HIA Water Efficiency Award in 2008 and one for energy efficiency in 2009.


Author: Mick Fabar

Mick Fabar is not the traditional Australian businessman, he is one who pioneered the green concept in the Australian construction industry. In 2001, he set up Mick Fabar Constructions in his hometown Orange, NSW and within a few years had won an excellence award from the Master Builders Association for a redevelopment project. In 2005, he started Green Homes Australia that focussed on building energy efficient homes to reduce electricity consumption and bills. Other builders got the benefit of Mick’s technical expertise and knowhow by joining his franchise business model. Green Homes has been the first and till last year, the only Australian construction company to have got the Energy Management System Certification ISO 50001.

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