Mick Fabar Construction

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Any discussion on innovations in the Australian construction industry invariably starts off with Mick Fabar . And rightly so! He has been at the forefront of a green revolution in the industry and today builders are using know how, knowledge and expertise pioneered by him in this field.


In 2001, Mick started his company Mick Faber Constructions in his hometown Orange, NSW. Business flourished and in 2005, he was awarded an excellence award for a redevelopment project by the Master Builders Association. However, by a quirk of fate he faced a downturn in business. The mining boom in Orange attracted hordes of builders from all over the country, all eager to cash in on the opportunity to make quick profits by offering rock bottom rates. Mick’s business took a hit but not for long.

He founded Green Homes Australia in 2006 based on a unique and innovative concept. The focus was on building high energy efficient homes that drastically reduced electricity consumption and bills. Business soon reached peak performance levels as before and within just a couple of years of its inception, a slew of awards followed. Mick won the HIA National awards for Water Efficiency 2008 and energy Efficiency 2009. In 2009, he was also a finalist in the Housing Industry Association awards in two categories: Green Smart Builder of the Year and National Home of the Year.

Green Homes Australia built two energy efficient homes as models to showcase this green concept. Builders were invited to study the features, specifications and benefit from the company’s knowledge in this field. More than 20 builders adopted the franchise offered by Green Homes Australia and incorporated the technical aspects in their construction plans. As a result, millions of home owners are able to get access to energy efficient homes.

Till about a year back, Green Homes Australia was the only Australian construction company to have been given the Energy Management System Certification ISO 50001.