Mick Fabar – A Pioneer In Building Energy Efficient Homes

When Mick Fabar set up his construction company Mick Fabar Constructions in 2001 in his hometown Orange, NSW, little did he or the world know that within a short period of 7 to 8 years, he would be an internationally acclaimed figure in the construction industry. That is a saga that needs to be told in some detail.


When Mick started off on his entrepreneurial journey, he focussed on setting superior benchmarks from the word go. He stressed on construction techniques that soon earned him an excellence award from the Master Builders Association in 2005 for a redevelopment project.

Just when things were looking upbeat for Mick, his company took an adverse hit simply because Mick refused to compromise with his principles. In 2005 a mining boom in Orange saw builders from all over Australia flocking to this town to bag lucrative building projects. While doing so, they offered rock bottom rates that meant adjusting quality for quantity. Mick wouldn’t adopt this line and instead decided to branch out into a hitherto untapped field in the Australian construction scenario.

In 2006, he founded Green Homes Australia, a firm that had building green, sustainable and energy efficient homes as its primary objective. For doing so, Mick incorporated a few exclusive strategies in his building plans. These included installation of solar energy plants, rain water harvesting, recycling solutions and use of energy saving devices. All this combined resulted in homes that consumed less electricity even in extreme weather, thereby lowering electricity bills and benefitting hundreds of Australian households.

However, it reflects on the magnanimity of Mick that he wanted to share his knowledge in building green homes with other builders so that Australians in general would benefit from his expertise. In 2008, he built two energy efficient buildings in Orange and invited builders from all over the country to study his techniques and incorporate them in their building plans. Over 20 builders till date have taken up his offer on a franchise model.

Needless to say, Mick’s companies have been the recipient of top honours at the Housing Industry Awards over the years. His companies have also received prestigious ISO certifications for Quality and Energy Management Systems.

Further, all buildings, domestic or commercial built by Mick are deemed nationally and internationally to be energy efficient ones.